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Your Chemist Outlet Franchise

Affordable health care. Professional service. A customer-friendly environment. There’s something everyone can profit from with Chemist Outlet.

The pharmacy sector is hyper-competitive. So Chemist Outlet understands how important it is to achieve true differentiation in the marketplace. While other pharmacies lay claim to being a “discount chemist”, Chemist Outlet remains unique in the eyes of our target customers for reasons beyond price structuring.

Our people, our standards, our services, support and yes - our discounted prices - are what differentiate us from others in our industry.

Chemist Outlet franchisees get more for their business than just a trusted name.

They’re getting our proven business framework and longstanding reputation. Unrivalled expertise, experience and knowledge. Ongoing support, marketing and tailored promotions.

And group purchasing power that results in meaningful savings that get passed down to their customers.

Ready to help lead the industry?

Register your interest today and we will be in touch shortly to discuss Chemist Outlet franchise opportunities.