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Canesten PH Test Kit (NPD)

General Information
Canesten Vaginal pH Self Test is a self-diagnosis test to assist women who are experiencing

unusual vaginal symptoms and want help to diagnose common infections such as thrush so they

can request the right treatment.

Key benefits of Canesten Self Test:

- Easy to use

- See results in seconds

- Over 90% accuracy*

- Discreet at home self test

How Does it work?

1. The easy-to-use swab helps women find out

whether or not their vaginal pH level is elevated.

2. Then, simply cross check the colour of the swab

after 10 secs along with any symptoms on the pack

to identify the relevant treatment guide.


If you're unsure about the right treatment or confused about the result, please consult your healthcare professional such as a pharmacist or doctor. Remember, Canesten Vaginal pH Self Test won’t be able to give you an accurate result in any of these situations:

 It’s less than one day before or after your period
-  There are signs that your period has arrived or you have any signs of vaginal bleeding
-  It’s been less than 12 hours since you’ve had sexual intercourse or used a vaginal douche
- If you are pregnant, consult your doctor, as interpreting test results during pregnancy and choosing a medication requires professional knowledge.

Some menopausal women may have an elevated vaginal pH, and may therefore receive a green/blue result with the swab even though they are not suffering from a vaginal infection. As such, you should not use this test if you are menopausal.