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Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid

General Information

A sleeping baby is magical.  But getting them to sleep can be the problem. Introducing Euky Bear’s Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid. From birth, we all have the innate ability to sleep, but babies often need to learn the how from us. If sleep is a skill, a consistent bedtime routine – which may include ‘sleep cues’ like light, sound, and touch - is its cornerstone. The Euky Bear Sweet Dreams Sleep Aid combines the latest in sleep science with the gentle wisdom of nature, to let your little one know it’s time to rest. With sound therapy, light therapy, and aromatherapy all in one, it’s a new parent’s dream helper.

Sound features: 

Pink noise
When you hear steady rain or hear rustling leaves, you’re hearing pink noise. A deeper, more soothing sonic ‘hue’ than white noise, pink noise is known to help calm and relax babies.

Babies recognize this sound and it helps them feel secure, mimicking the in-utero experience.

One of the most soothing and rhythmic of nature’s sounds.

Euky Bear has created unique, bespoke lullabies set to a calming tempo that assists relaxation.

Light options: Red light encourages the production of the “sleepy hormone” – melatonin. It helps babies to feel sleepy quicker and settle through the night. Breathing’ red light This variation softly dims and brightens the red light, giving a focal point for babies while settling. 

Directions For Use: Use as part of bedtime routine to let baby know it is time to rest. The soothing sounds, red light glow and aromatherapy ease the baby into a state of blissful relaxation for both day and night sleeps. When a baby is awake use the coloured lights along with soothing sounds and aromatherapy to settle through the day.