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Return Policy

Return Policy

Returns Policy


It is the policy of Bowens Health Services/Chemist Outlet that refunds will be provided on the following basis and criteria:

  • The product is not of acceptable quality
  • The product is not fit for a particular purpose
  • The product does not match the description
  • The product does not match the sample or demonstration model

Bowens Health Services/Chemist Outlet is bound by the Competition and Consumer Act 2010

Refund Procedure
  • Bowens Health services/Chemist Outlet must repay any money paid by a customer for the returned goods and must not give a credit note, gift card or replacement goods in lieu of a cash refund.
  • Exchange of goods is permissible if specifically requested by the customer.
  • Bowens Health Services/Chemist Outlet must not refuse a refund or reduce the amount of the refund because the goods were not returned in original packaging.
  • Bowens Health Services/Chemist Outlet has a right to refuse the refund if the customer has simply “changed their mind”.
  • If Bowens Health Services/Chemist Outlet submits a customer ‘special order’ and the customer ‘changes their mind’ after the order has been made, no refunds will be given on the special order.
  • A Bowens Health Services/Chemist Outlet Manager/Senior Staff Member must co-sign the refund Exchange form for all refunds given. Refunds are not to be processed unless co-signed.
  • When completing store banking, the staff member is to obtain a till trail which reflects all refunds given to customers during trade for the previous day. The staff member is to correlate and tick each refund transaction that has a corresponding Refund Exchange Form kept in the Refund Exchange Folder.
  • The Area Manager will monitor the Refund Exchange Folder during regular and ad-hoc store visits.
  • Any refunds which do not correspond with a form and receipt of refund MUST immediately be brought to the attention of the Manager for investigation. The Manager MUST also advise the Area Manager of the discrepancy.
  • Staff members are expressly prohibited from processing their own refund or a refund of a family member. Staff member refunds should be processed by the Manager or Senior staff member at the store.
Double Payments and Processing Errors
  • Occasionally customers may be double charged for goods purchased at the pharmacy due to EFTPOS and banking errors. When this occurs Bowens Health Services/Chemist Outlet will work with the customer to have the issue rectified in a timely manner. Please be courteous, understanding and helpful to customers if this issue unfortunately occurs.
  • Under no circumstances should a refund be processed at store level if a customer advises that they have been double charged for a purchase, but rather the issue needs to be referred to the accounts department at head office for investigation and rectification.
  • If a customer advises that they have been double charged for a purchase the following procedure applies:

  • 1. Customer should produce a bank statement or credit card statement clearly showing the double charge.
  • 2. The Manager should then phone the accounts department at head office to arrange to have the refund processed and rectified.
  • 3. The Manager should advise the customer of why they were double charged and what has been done to rectify the situation in terms of a refund and when the customer should expect their refunded amount.